Self-Paced Job Search Program 

  • We guide you through a simple method to pick your most marketable skills, in 30 seconds or less (as a result, every resume, cover letter and conversation will cut through the noise in any job market, like a hot knife through butter);

  • Build a specialized resume that’s FUN to read, speaks the language of employers and proves every claim you make.

  • Lead you through the process of crafting a resume that connects directly to your ideal employer (based on 100 years of principles used in advertising copyrighting);

  • Include a pre-interview worksheet to structure your research, a daily plan & scorecard that enables you to track your progress;

  • Target a job that plays to your strengths and abilities — a job you might do for free, if you weren’t getting paid!;

  • Details on dozens of alternate ways to land an interview – with action steps you won’t find anywhere else online;

  • Zero in on the best employers, who pay the highest salary — fast — because you’ll know exactly what hiring managers really want (this transforms you from “pest” to “guest” in the minds of employers);

  • Learn how to present your skills in creative new ways that stand out in today’s hyper-competitive job market;

  • Employ little-known search engine optimization tricks used by top head-hunters (who have to make placements or starve); and

  • Build multiple online profiles (ZoomInfo, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) profile that get found and read, and make the phone ring with interview offers.

Some of What You’ll Be Able to Do 

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