Like other businesses across North America we are committed to doing what we can to lessen the financial burden being felt/experienced by workers affected by the Covid-19 virus. As a result of this pandemic there has been and will be a great number of layoffs while industry is trying to cope and remain in business during and after this global crisis. In order to support anyone affected by this situation, we are offering our Ultimate online Job Search Boot Camp for a minimal cost of $27.00. A symbolic amount that we hope will help us cover the costs associated with basic expenses. Our thoughts are with all whose lives have been, and will be affected, by this virus. Please keep yourselves and your families safe.

Land Your Dream Job: Join a Job Search Boot Camp 

The book, Guerrilla Marketing Job Hunters set a high bar for all the job search books which came later. Each new addition has continued to ‘push the envelope’ and address what works and what doesn’t in today’s job hunt world.

Job Search Boot Camp

That’s me, David Perry, speaking at a product management boot camp. Product managers are always looking for an edge to understand the latest and greatest.

Hi, my name is David Perry. I’m the co-author of all three editions of Guerrilla Marketing Job Hunters and several other books on recruiting and job search. If you look below, you will see the Top 3 job search boot camp programs on the market today. Which one is best for you? Well , that really depends on your need to get a new or better job and the amount of time you can dedicate.

I have been helping ordinary people connect to meaningful work for more than three decades as managing partner of Perry-Martel International. Back in 2004 Jay Conrad Levinson asked me to co-author the book with him – Jay was the brand and I became a writer. Fifteen years later, I have programs which enable anyone – including you – to figure out what job you really want, find it and get an employer to hire you. It’s the exact reverse of what I do for my recruitment clients.

Job Search Boot Camp

Every one of the Boot Camps highlighted below is based on my best-selling series of Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters books, videos and the original virtual job search boot camps we have held across North America starting in 2008.

The job search boot camps are kept up-to-date and current by leveraging the real-life experiences of hundreds of North America’s top headhunters. You may have already noticed that MyNewJobHunt gives you the names, pictures and testimonials of real boot camp graduates.

Guerrilla Intensive

Four week program. Best for sales, marketing, engineering types who want to get back to work fast.


$997 USD


Ten week, menu driven program for anyone who wants to get back to work quickly but needs extra time.

$797 USD

$27 USD

Dream Job

Best for people who have the luxury of finding their absolutely perfect dream job while working full time.


$1197 USD