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“When the economy sucked… we delivered.”

“Are you worried about a job search that’s dragged on for weeks… months… or longer?”

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4 Week Job Search Boot Camp

Let me qualify “FREE” up front:

  1. If you’re uncomfortable talking to real people and you’d prefer to surf job boards – don’t apply. We can’t help you.
  2. If you’re not ready to treat your job search like it’s a full-time job – don’t apply. You’ll just get discouraged when the system kicks you out – Ouch!
  3. If you can’t work your job search full-time Monday to Friday or some other combination of 5 days a week – don’t apply. You won’t be able to keep up the pace.
  4. If you’re just ‘looking for a job’ and not a job that excites you more every day – don’t apply.
  5. If you actually believe the average job hunter finds a job through networking – don’t apply. You’re gullible and probably still believe in Santa Clause, and the Tooth-fairy. We can’t help you – there’s no empirical evidence supporting these beliefs.

THE GOOD NEWS: is an online job search platform designed around the job finding principles, strategies and tactics in the ‘Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0‘ book, videos and virtual boot camps.

The virtual coach lead version has enjoyed a success rate of 94.6%. Hundreds of people from all walks of life have achieved great success and graduated in to new jobs that they love. You can read some of the success stories here: and here: and here and here.

The coach lead boot camp costs participants upwards of $4900 US dollars each. The Online version is slated to cost $280 dollars. For Beta Testers the cost is $0.  The trade-off? We invest in you. You invest your time and give us feedback as we give the program a final shakedown before we release it to the public.

The Small Print:

All of the best job search advice in the world can be boiled down to three steps:

  1. decide what job you want;
  2. tell the right hiring authority about it;
  3. prove to them you’re the one to hire.

….that’s it.

The 10-week boot camp, will help you pick your dream job – the one that best utilizes your passions and uses your most valuable skills – the very ones you enjoy using most.

With our guidance, you will then create and follow a Guerrilla Plan of Attack the lets you find, interview for and get that job!

Let me give you an overview of the schedule … Week 1 and Week 2 are focused on preparation to help you clearly define the job you seek and your ideal employer.

The tasks are spaced out over 5 days, Monday through Friday. If you need extra time, use Saturday or even Sunday, if needed. All that matters is that you DO NOT fall behind.

You actually start to launch your fully optimized campaign and speak to employers on Week 3 so move quickly and don’t fall behind.

EVERYTHING YOU DO IN THESE FIRST 2 WEEKS WILL BE USED TO LAUNCH YOUR SEARCH. FAILURE TO COMPLETE EVEN ONE EXERCISE WILL SEVERELY HANDICAP YOUR SEARCH {Actually the reason we’re discouraging most people from applying for the Beta Test is that the technology will pickup on the fact that you’re not following the program and kick you out.}

Then beginning in Week 3 and continuing to the end of Week 10 – if you actually need to go the full 10 weeks – most don’t – the program will lead you step-by-step from where you are to where you want to be – working at your dream job!

The Bottom-line

If you graduated from high school, use English reasonably well and can follow simple instructions, you can get the job you really want, if you follow this 10-week program.

If you think you can handle it then apply here or cut and paste this URL into your browser: