LISTEN below, WATCH , or READ, testimonials from graduates, who have already landed great jobs using the principles in – the enhanced online version of the 10 Week Guerrilla Job Search Boot Camp

Chad Lemke

9 min – from St. Cloud, Minn. Executive success story.  Builds entirely new network from scratch in 6 weeks and gets 3 6-figure job offers in his home town.

Rod Sider

7 min – Guerrilla Resume eBook, hired in 31 Days. 4 job search lesson

Mike Foote

From 6 interviews in 7 months to 6 in 30 days AND hired.

Bill McCausland

14 min – gets job in 8 days following Detroit seminar

Scott Bornstein

3 min – from Minneapolis, Minn. hired in 30 days w/ Guerrilla Resume

Jerry Kuhn

10 min – from Tenn. (relocated from Florida)

Tom Myrick

1 interview in 11 months, then he discovered the Coffee Cup Caper for advertised jobs 3 out of 5 resulted in interviews

Hanna Wishart

From Windsor; coffee cup and portfolio success.


From Washington state (Bootcamper) who got hired making 5:30 am voicemails

Toni Lee

12 min – from Minneapolis; hired from Boot Camp

Mike Shannon

8 mnths in outplacement, (wrote resume 5 times, networked, chased posted jobs)  – downloaded the free guerrilla audio – learned how to follow up smartly.

Susan Kneeshaw

Detroit: looking for 2 years+, guerrilla resume plus networking email, multiple interviews and interviews on the same day after using with multiple offers.


Detroit; looked for 18 months no interviews, landed in 3 months with guerrilla tactics.

Adam Wilson

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Mark Mullens

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Debbie Collins

Fortworth Texas; used a guerrilla resume to get the attention of an employer that was ignoring her.

Phoenix: 9.6% unemployment, using a guerrilla resume and guerrilla interview tactics – landed in 5 weeks instead of the 38 month average

Robert Breen

Philadelphia: landed in 5 weeks after buying the Home Study Course.


Toni Delisi

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Jeff Kruzich

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Mark Noakes

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