Believe And Get Hired In 2023

Believe And Get Hired

How To Believe And Get Hired in Today’s Economy

Good things seem to come in bunches, especially in a job search. Ever wonder why?

Example: ever know someone (perhaps you?) who, after many weeks in a fruitless job hunt, suddenly hit a “hot streak” and landed two or three interviews in a matter of days?

What happened? What changed? Did the job market suddenly improve? Perhaps.

Or … was that improvement all in their head?

I’m a firm believer that belief determines outcome. And WHAT you believe has a profound effect on HOW you perform, particularly if you’re looking for a new job.

This “secret” to improved performance has proven itself for decades in the world of sports. Let me illustrate …(H2)

Before 1954, the conventional wisdom was that nobody could run a mile in under four minutes. But Roger Bannister changed all that. He did what no human in recorded history had done before — he broke the four-minute mile barrier.

Then a funny thing happened. Soon after, other runners did it, too. Since then, more than 20,000 people worldwide have run the mile in less than four minutes.

What happened? What changed? A BELIEF changed. All of a sudden athletes believed differently. They saw the newsreel footage of Bannister and thought, “If he can do it, I can, too.” And they did.

It’s the same with your job search — your belief largely determines your outcome. (H2)

So, how can you change your beliefs for the better and get hired faster? Research indicates that visualization may hold the key. And it works in only 20 minutes a day.

Here’s proof. (H2)

As described in “The Holographic Universe,” by Michael Talbot (HarperCollins, 1991), three groups of basketball players were measured on their ability to make free throws.

Then, over the next 20 days, each group was given a different routine. Group A engaged in no practice at all. Group B practiced free throws for 20 minutes each day. Group C spent 20 minutes a day simply imagining that they were making free throws at the basket.

The results?

After 20 days Group A showed no improvement. Group B improved their scoring rate by 24%. Group C, who had practiced only in their minds, improved their scoring ability by 23%.

In other words, visualization — mental rehearsal — improved skills nearly as much as physical practice. Apparently, visualization changed the players’ beliefs, and thus, their performance, because their minds didn’t distinguish between real and imaginary effort.

Use this knowledge to supercharge your job search!

With visualization, you can “imagine” your way to your next job. Do this by picturing, in vivid detail, all the steps you will take to go from where you are now to where you want to be — employed doing work you love.

Examples for you to visualize for 20 minutes each day: (H2)

  • How will you find out about your next job?
  • What exactly will you say when you first meet your new boss?
  • How will you shake their hand? What will you wear?
  • What will you say to the hiring manager that results in a job offer? Etc.

Don’t use visualization as a substitute for your other job-hunting efforts, however. Do use it to supplement what you’re already doing, and you should see improved results.

Try visualization for just 20 days and prove it for yourself!

The future is in your hands.

Photo by carolyn christine on Unsplash


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