Career Clarity

Career Clarity Video

Unveiling Your Career Vision

Let’s have some fun and dive deep into the realms of self-evaluation and passion exploration (it’s fun for me anyway). Why bother?

To evaluate your worth: Scrutinize your professional journey and identify the top 3-4 indispensable and in-demand abilities you wish to utilize in your forthcoming job. The choice is yours to make.

This crucial step is indispensable, and I have acquired authorization to connect you to Day 1 Task 1 from MyNewJobHunt’s Job Search Boot Camp

This comprehensive 17-page guide also encompasses a career clarity video that warrants your attention.

To explore your passion: Revisit your professional experiences and select the 3-4 most gratifying and unforgettable moments. What sets these instances apart? How do they resonate with your personal interests and fervor? Jot down the components that constitute these experiences and bear them in mind during your job hunt.

By engaging in these two exercises, you will compile a list of your capabilities, your motivation behind them, and how they correspond to your career progression. Employers seek dedicated employees. Aligning your personal interests with a career that capitalizes on your skills and fascinates you will facilitate your recruitment by vigilant talent scouts, HR professionals, and hiring managers. Passion or at least enjoyment of your work and skills will render you manageable and reduce the likelihood of job-hopping. Hence, invest time in self-discovery.

  1. • You will perceive your aspirations lucidly.
  2. • You will comprehend your worth unequivocally.
  3. • You will attain career clarity.

Career Clarity Benefits

With career lucidity comes a sense of direction. Knowing your destination and the opportunities you wish to seize is beneficial, but it doesn’t guide you on how to secure them.

You possess direction but lack a strategy. Which leads us to the next query: how to reach your destination?

Career Clarity Blueprinting

Sketching Your Path and Strategic Blueprint You’re aware of your aspirations. Excellent! It’s time to transform your dreams into reality. The initial phase involves identifying potential employers for your desired role.

Curate a list of the top 20 companies that offer the position or skill set you’re targeting. Disregard their current hiring status. Consider this list a semi-fantasy. The ultimate goal is to actualize this fantasy. For now, gather their contact information and conduct preliminary research on the organizations.

Afterward, devise an effective approach to engage and communicate with them. Messaging implies conveying your value and qualifications for the desired role without explicitly stating them.

Career Clarity – Reality 

Demonstrate, don’t declare. You can claim to be an expert, a prodigy, or anything else. Others might accept your words at face value. However, strategically placing digital hints for them to reach that conclusion independently is far more potent.

Employ the 80/20 Principle in Your Job Hunt What if 80% of your daily job search activities are futile? According to the Pareto Principle, this is likely the case.

Allow me to elaborate…

Vilfredo Pareto (1848-1923), an Italian economist, discovered that 20% of Italians possessed 80% of the nation’s wealth. Intriguingly, the implications of the 80/20 Rule extend beyond economics.

Examples: 20% of your carpet receives 80% of foot traffic… 20% of a sales force generates 80% of sales… 20% of your clients cause 80% of your problems, etc.

In essence, a limited number of factors yield the majority of your results, following a 20:80 ratio.

How does this apply to your job search? Approximately 20% of your efforts produce 80% of your outcomes. Conversely, 80% of your job-seeking endeavors yield a mere 20% of results — conversely, 80% of what you’re doing to find a new job is producing only 20% of your results — it’s largely a waste of time.

So, to get hired faster, you must focus like a laser on the 20% of your actions that produce 80% of your employment leads. You do this by assessing your alignment with the company. Adjust your plan after a few days to do more of what’s getting you results and less of what’s not. In effect, your creating your personal 80/20 rule.

But first, what the heck is alignment?

Alignment Starts by Answering The $64,000 Question — Why you?

Your biggest challenge in finding a new job may be credibility, according to Rick Maurer, author of “Why Don’t You Want What I Want?”

“Why should I hire you when there are so many candidates with experience and credentials?” That’s the question going through many employers’ minds.

My single best piece of advice is to put yourself in the shoes of the person who’s hiring. What does the world look like through their eyes? What might they be afraid of if they hire you? Finding answers to these ‘unasked’ questions can lead to your next job,” advises Maurer.

And of course, the first reason may be because you’re not articulating your value properly. Remember, all employers want to know from you – even before they meet you – let alone hire you – is what can you do for me? Will you increase my business’s value? Save me money? Increase my efficiency? You’re resume, cover letter, voicemails, and emails must explain that before you even get your first meeting.

Start looking at your candidacy through their eyes and your already ahead of 99% of your competition — all the other job hunters who want to talk to your prospective employer. Moreover, you’ll know what makes up the 20% of your job search that you need to focus on. Your conscious and subconscious messaging need to speak to this.


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