Job Hunt Tactics

Tricky Interview Questions

3 Tricky Interview Questions — And Answers

Tricky Interview Questions To Watch Out For Your next job interview — will it be a torturous cross-examination or an effortless walk in the park? It’s really up to you. Because if you prepare for the tough interview questions ahead of time, you’ll likely do very well and actually enjoy the process. To help you …

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Internet Job Search Mistakes

4 Internet Job Search Mistakes to Avoid

The Worst Internet Job Search Mistakes The Internet is a easily the world’s most powerful employment tool. With the Web, you can access millions of job openings on thousands of sites. With email, you can quickly contact employers and ask for interviews. Yet, if used incorrectly, the Internet can actually prevent you from being as …

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content management system

Introducing a Cutting-Edge Content Management System (CMS) For Your Personalized Job Search Strategy

Our CMS is much more than just a tool – it’s a complete solution designed with your success in mind. Our expertly crafted course material covers everything from optimizing your resume and cover letter to networking tips and interview preparation. You’ll have access to the latest tactics and strategies that top recruiters and hiring managers are looking for, giving you the competitive edge you need to stand out from the crowd.

recruiting hell

Recruiting Hell: Episode #50

Recruiting Hell: Episode #50 Life is going great until one day you’re out of work.  No matter how it happened. You need to find a new job pronto. The problem is, no one ever taught you how to navigate ever shifting and ever changing wasteland of applying for a job in the modern market. When …

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Crack the Hidden Job Market

4 Ways to Crack the Hidden Job Market

Crack the Hidden Job Market Fast Sara in Montreal writes: “I know networking is a great way to crack the ‘hidden’ job market, but I’m having trouble connecting with people in my industry. Can you help?” Sara, you’re not alone! Here are four ways to access the hidden job market, by networking and other methods. …

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Little Resume Things

Problems With Following Up Resumes in 2023

Problems Executive Candidates Have in Following Up Resumes or Applications Sent Online … and How To Solve Them I sent my résumé to the company by e-mail,” said Jack, an operations manager in the financial services industry. “I got an automated response … and that’s it. I never knew whether or not a decision maker …

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