Job Search Scholarship Application 

College/University/Learning Institution & Company Layoffs Scholarship Application

This job search scholarship program is designed to be used by students at a recognized college, university or learning institution or a company that has announced a major layoff (10+ people).   

The curriculum is written for and has been tested with job hunters in North America, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and and English speaking countries across Europe.   More jurisdictions are being considered.

Job Search Scholarship Program

Everyone deserves to land their dream job and live a fulfilling life.  For many people navigating the job market successfully remains a mystery.   

Too many people spend years and years studying or training for a job only to graduate and NOT be able to find work in their chosen field.  That’s wrong and society’s loss.  So, MyNewJobHunt is making available to every qualified college, university and careers training center 5o free scholarships to use the platform – at no cost.

The normal cost to use MyNewJobHunt is $997 USD, so this is on a first come first serve basis for a limited time.  The program must remain free to the users and given with no strings attached.  

The form to the right needs to be completed by the individual at the organization which applies who is responsible for the careers program or the organization itself.   {For example: the head of career services, dean of a college and or executive director of a non-profit which provides career services to a community.}

For the program for any for profit group follow this link.  Individual users join MyNewJobHunt through the User link.

Scholarship Application

Job Search Scholarship

Job Search Scholarships


The application for the MyNewJobHunt Scholarship Program must be completed by a recognized authority employed at the college, university or learning institution. 

Individuals who want their organization to make use of the program should bring it to the attention of their head of career services, dean or president – if you’re applying to use it as part of a corporate layoff then the president, CEO or VP Human Resources need to fill out the request below to be considered.