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Affordable, Innovative & Effective Corporate Outplacement.

“Remarkable! A perfect blend of theory and practice. It’s informative, thorough and, most importantly, gives realistic practical philosophy and steps to take in creating fulfilling and productive economic marriages.”

— Dr. Stephen R. Covey, Author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Here’s how the program works

Is your organization downsizing at least 10 employees?

If so, you owe it to your employees and yourself to consider Guerrilla Outplacement Services.  Your employees will get on-site training over 2-3 days from David Perry and Anita Martel, two of North America’s most-accomplished job-search coaches, with more than 33 years of combined experience. Backed up with 3 months of follow-up assistance.

Let’s be honest, all jobs are temporary these days.  Most employees these days understand that the market has changed and organizations hire people to fit a need – one that is often only of a short duration.   Employees have come to expect to be hired and laid-off on a semi-regular basis.  The best companies address this new reality up front.

If you let prospects know you have a program which facilitates their getting back to work quickly, where other companies don’t use it, you instantly improve your ability to hire new people. Bonus, your brand won’t get trashed on social media. Your former staff may actually give you a 5-Star Yelp or Glass Door review because you took care of them on the way out door.  Now wouldn’t that be sweet!.   

But first, let me introduce myself.

My name is David Perry, and for the past 30 years I’ve been Managing Director of Perry-Martel International, one of North America’s top recruiting and placement firms. I’ve helped hire more than 1100 people and personally negotiated more than $390 million in salaries.

You’ll find me quoted in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, IT World, HR Today, and the Boston Globe, and on TV as an employment analyst for NBC, ABC and CBC News in Canada.

I’m the co-author of “Guerrilla Marketing for Job-Hunters,” described as “By far the best book available for job hunters,” by one of the 451 readers who gave it 4- and 5-star reviews on

Now, for the first time ever, your employees can benefit from the world’s only outplacement program based on my book — and led by me, personally — called …

Guerrilla Inplacement: 

Together with my colleague, Anita Martel, a job-search expert and trainer your downsized staff will be on the road to new employment faster than you ever thought possible – placing themselves in new roles – hence the name: Inplacement.

Here’s what you can expect from our brand-new program …

Day 1: Guerrilla Battle Planning

In the Morning Session, from 8 a.m. to 12 noon, candidates will determine the following:

  • their ideal job, including the title;
  • demand for those jobs in the marketplace;
  • how to quantify — in dollars — the value of their skills to employers;
  • a shortlist of their ideal 10-20 employers;

In the Afternoon Session, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., candidates will do the following:

  • assemble written proof of their accomplishments, for use before and during job interviews;
  • create a unique selling proposition (USP) that convinces employers to hire them over and above every other candidate for the job;
  • create the first draft of a résumé and cover letter.

Day 2: Guerrilla Marketing Attack!

In the Morning Session, from 8 a.m. to 12 noon, candidates will do the following:

  • revise and finish their résumés and cover letters;
  • learn to master job search 2.0 (social networking, Googling like a recruiter, blogging, and getting found by recruiters);

In the Afternoon Session, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., candidates will do the following:

  • use Extreme Networking secrets that unlock the hidden job market, with actual networking time that produces job leads — live, on the spot — and validates these skills;
  • turn the tables in any interview, knock out the competition, and negotiate like a black belt for the salary they deserve;
  • tap the power of their subconscious minds using “quantum” techniques like affirmations and visualization

Days 3-93: Fast, Professional Follow-up

Because on-site training over two days, no matter how comprehensive, can never answer every question for every candidate, we provide an extra 90 days — three full months — of follow-up training using the  platform

Your employees will get live, priority access to me, and the rest of our team.  As well as advanced teleseminars, live help (email and phone), and much more.

So your employees get the jobs they want. In 90 days, or less. Or your money back.

(More about our money-back guarantee — the only one in the outplacement industry — in a moment.)

But first, please take a look at …

Real Comments From Real People

“A New Job in 31 Days”

“This stuff really works. You blew me away with the results achieved. How about this — a job offer in 31 days, and that was without rushing out of the starting gate! Everyone I talked to said they were impressed by my resume. At one of the interviews (with 2 partners) I was told, ‘That wasn’t a resume. It was one of best pieces of advertising we’ve ever seen — it was so different and so effective. We’re not looking to hire another person right now, but we had to talk to you after reading your stuff.’”

— Rod Sider, Waterloo, Ontario

“Hands Down, The Best Decision I Have Made”

“Utilizing your services was hands down, the best decision I have made since beginning my job search. Even with a bad economy there are still jobs out there. I accepted a position today at a school district as a computer system technician. This is a position I was dying for 7 months ago …. Well here I am, the dream a reality!”

— Marc Janiak, Bartlett, Illinois

“$22,000 Extra After Just 45 Days!”

“I just got an offer today after only 45 days. I went on interviews with 8 companies. I found a job that I think I am going to really love, and if you can believe it, I am getting a $22,000 raise on my base alone!” 

— Nattalie Owens, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“3 Interviews… 3 Job Offers…And a $60,000 Raise!”

“I landed a job in the same industry doing the exact same thing, but making close to six figures, compared to my last job in the low forties. I had 3 interviews and 3 job offers. Thanks. The resume made the difference.”  

— Bill Gibbs, Gainesville, Florida

“A New Job in 60 Days”

“Your approach to the job search breaks the larger goal into smaller daily tasks — bite-size chunks that are palatable. … It was easy to get my resume to the top of the pile, schedule the interview and land the job!”  

— Lynda Holland, Apple Valley, Minnesota

“Chosen Out Of 400 Candidates!”

“I used some of your techniques and today received a job offer. I was the only one chosen to interview out of 400 resumes and offered the job at the end of the interview. I will definitely recommend others to your service. Thanks again!”  

— Tim Hieserich, St. Paul Park, Minnesota

(18 more pages of testimonials are available upon request.)

To recap, here’s what each of your displaced employees will get from our Guerrilla Outplacement Services:

What Your Employees Get

  • An individual subscription to the MyNewJobHunt Platform – The only job search platform with Set-it-and-Forget-It technology containing a CRM, CSM and EIMS.  ($997 value)

  • Guerrilla Job Search Journal, the online journal of a boot-camp graduate.  This journal is 42,000 in length and covers their daily activities and thoughts along their journey.  ($30 value)

  • Guerrilla Résumé that quantifies their skills in dollars and makes the phone ring with interview offers, edited by professional résumé writer Kevin Donlin ($300 value)

  • Guerrilla Cover Letter, powerful enough to get interviews all by itself, edited by David Perry ($75 value)

  • A Career Performance Portfolio that immediately puts your employees in the top 2% of all candidates by proving their skills — and turning job interviews into job offers! ($150 value)

  • Job Search 2.0 Training, with proven methods to use sites like LinkedIn, Zoominfo and Google to find and get found by employers — taught by a recruiter! ($275 value)

  • Extreme Networking Training so powerful, it produces job leads on the spot! ($275 value)

  • Turn-The-Tables Job Interview training that knocks out all competition for those who use it, with additional training in salary negotiations ($275 value)

  • ASCII resume version, with instructions for online posting ($75 value)

  • Personal Salary History and Reference Sheet, to use in interview negotiations ($75 value)

  • 90 Days of Follow-Up Assistance, with priority access to David Perry, and our team of counselors, as well as teleseminars and other assistance, so your employees get their questions answered and get back to work — fast! ($500 value)

Total Value = $2,477

Your Risk-Free Investment = only $1,499 per employee

You save $978

Affordable, Innovative & Effective Corporate Outplacement.

To see if you qualify, and to schedule a Free 20-Minute, Guerrilla Inplacement Audit, please pick up the phone and call me right now at 1 (844) 252-4655! 


Corporate OutPlacement 2

David Perry

P.S. — Your phone call is guaranteed.

That’s right — your Free 20-Minute, Guerrilla Outplacement Audit is guaranteed to produce at least one “Ah ha!” moment that will help your downsized employees find jobs faster — even if you decide NOT to use Guerrilla Outplacement Services.

That’s how powerful our Guerrilla Inplacement system is. Why not find out for yourself? There’s absolutely no cost or obligation.

Pick up the phone and call me right now at 1 (844) 252-4655!

Thank you.