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During our DREAM JOB Quick Start Coaching Call we’ll discuss your vision for your career and strategize the steps needed to get you there, so you’ll have a couple of immediate wins.  Then for the next 10 weeks, you’ll be thoroughly supported as the program unfolds. Imagine how your newfound clarity and confidence will transform the way you present yourself as you land your Dream Job.David Perry

7 Exclusive Extras you get with the DREAM JOB Program
which people on the FAST-TRACK Program do not

  • Quick Start Coaching Call – With this laser focused phone call from David Perry, you’ll discuss what your best options are for reaching out to get your Dream Job.  David has hundreds of short cuts and quick action activities that will have your head spinning and help make the phone ring with offers to interview at companies you really want to work with.

  • LinkedIn on Steroids – LinkedIn is more than “Facebook for grownups.” It’s an essential part of your job search. Learn what works and what doesn’t – revealed by a recruiter who uses LinkedIn to find and hire people like you! David will review your LinkedIn profile to make sure you’re going to be hunted for the jobs you want to land.

  • Resume Editing – To make sure your new resume is 100% “Guerrilla-ready,” you’ll get personal assistance from David Perry. He will review your resume and help you finish it, so that employers practically line up to interview you. Best part: Your resume will be improved for the rest of your working life — now that’s REAL job security!

  • Cover Letter Help – David will look over your cover letter and provide edits to make certain it does the job intended – get’s you invited in for interviews.

  • Interview Prep Coaching Call – David will take you through an invigorating, laser focused interview prep call to get you ready for your interview so you can really distinguish yourself, knock out the competition and close the offer.  

  • Interview Debriefs  How did the interview really go?  Stripping  down  the face-to-face interview and establishing next  steps.

  • Followup Program – What’s your next move?  With our unique 10 x 10 follow-up program you stay top-of-mind.  YOU transform  from ‘pest’ to ‘welcome guest’ the hiring manager is looking forward to meeting again and making an offer to.

  • Offer Negotiation Input – this is where you get all  your $2997  investment…and then some.  David knows the Art of the Deal.  Negotiating is what he does — every day nearly $400M in salary – and an equivalent amount in bonuses and equity.  David is a master negotiator who will make sure you get what you deserve and the employer feels lucky and grateful to have landed you.  

Starting on Day #1 – Week #1 and continuing on Day #2

  • We guide you through a simple method to pick your most marketable skills, in 30 seconds or less (as a result, every resume, cover letter and conversation will cut through the noise in any job market, like a hot knife through butter);

  • Target a job that plays to your strengths and abilities — a job you might do for free, if you weren’t getting paid!;

  • Zero in on the best employers, who pay the highest salary — fast — because you’ll know exactly what hiring managers really want (this transforms you from “pest” to “guest” in the minds of employers);

Then on Day #3 …

  • How to quickly gather the 7 parts of a Guerrilla Resume — including 2 astonishing ingredients — that make your phone ring with job offers. Don’t worry if you can’t write a lick. A Guerrilla Resume is not really written — it is assembled. We’ll explain this liberating fact in the first 15 minutes …

  • Employment gaps? Over-qualified? Career changes? No degree? Learn to quickly and easily solve these problems — every time …

  • How to get other people to write your resume, using the same technique that helped turn TV infomercials into a $256-billion industry. One unemployed man used this method to land a 6-figure job 8 days after he learned it from us …

Firing up on Day #4 …

  • The Guerrilla Cover Letter that brings employers out of the woodwork to interview you.  You get it all: from the elements you must include to get hiring managers chomping at the bit … to ending your letter with a BANG that makes your phone ring … 

  • How to turn the tables, by making employers wait by the phone for YOU to call. How much fun would that be? All you need to do is include this one, odd sentence …

  • The new way to end your Guerrilla Cover Letter and compel employers to call you for an explanation. Not 1 in 1,000 cover letters does this, yet 97 out of 100 successful sales letters do. What is it?

Then the real fun begins

“Hack” Recruiters to stand out

  • Build multiple online profiles (ZoomInfo, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) profile that get found and read, and make the phone ring with interview offers.

  • Employ little-known search engine optimization tricks used by top head-hunters (who have to make placements or starve); and

  • Learn how to present your skills in creative new ways that stand out in today’s hyper-competitive job market;

After that, you learn …

  • Discover the “chain letter” email you can send out today … with a message that can make the phone ring tomorrow with job leads. Bonus: We’ll give you a “paper” version of this email that produced a job in 7 weeks for one Michigan man …

  • The “Trojan Thank-You Note” tactic that’s as easy as tying your shoes. Plus, you get the actual letter and Guerrilla Resume one woman used to get called for an interview — and later hired — within 5 days of mailing it …

  • You get the blueprint to our “Coffee Cup Caper” technique that gets interviews in 48 hours — or less. Bonus: You’ll get the actual “Coffee Cup Letter” that got one Michigan woman hired in only 7 weeks. As seen on TV … 

You become unstoppable …

  • How Extreme Networking can get you hired, after ordinary networking fails. Developed by an executive recruiter desperate to feed his family, now revealed to you. Perfect for you if you’re SICK and TIRED of bugging your friends for job leads, or attending networking events.

  • Plus, get our newly developed “Voicemail Scripts” (to use when calling at a certain time of day) and our “How to Reach Hiring Managers” special report that can never be sold (it’s only given to private clients). 

  • “Guerrilla” Job Interview Tactics that knock out all competition for the job you want. You’ll gain an “unfair” advantage by showing up at your next job interview ready to work, as if you were already employed! 

Here’s a sample of what else you’ll learn …

  • How to discuss salary. Stop dreading questions about money and start negotiating like a sports agent … 

  • Plus, how to side-step idiotic questions like, “Tell me about yourself” … How to turn your first interview into a job offer — before the employer understands what’s happening … and more. 

  • “Executive Recruiters’ Interview Tricks” — too controversial for ANY book. Includes the ultra top-secret way to turn one job interview into 5 — every time. What would you do with 5 times more interviews?

Get my MyNewJobHunt today by acting now. 

You’re probably skeptical, but think about it this way – if you keep dong the same things over and over, you’ll keep getting the same results…

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You can see for yourself below, the original content the DREAM JOB Program  is built with.

Guerrilla Marketing
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Remember: Every week you don’t have a job is another lost paycheck.  You’re loosing money as you read this.

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