Guerrilla Intensive boot camp

Guerrilla Intensive Boot Camp


You can practice delayed gratification.  It takes a little patience to line up your targets … but soon enough you’ll hear – READY – AIM -HIRED!  On average our users have graduated in to an new job the middle of week 3.

Ten year Success Rate : 99.6%. To hear from 45 boot camp graduates just click the pictures to the right…


If Accepted in to the Guerrilla Intensive Boot Camp You Will Learn How to:

  • Target a role that plays to your unique strengths — a job you might do for free, if you weren’t getting paid so much! 

  • Zero in on the best jobs fast at the highest salary because you’ll know exactly what employers’ value most (this transforms you from “unwanted pest” to “desired guest” in the minds of employers);

  • Build a specialized resume that’s easy to read, speaks the language of employers and proves every claim you make;

  • Design launch and execute a multimodal job-hunting campaign based on the same success principles used by General Norman Schwarzkopf in Operation Desert Storm;

  • Understand how to articulate their unique strengths in resumes, letters, email and interviews (while avoiding the typical “resume speak” or “interview babble” that causes hiring managers to guffaw);

  • Learn how to present your skills and potential in creative new ways that stand out in today’s hyper-competitive job market (we demonstrate that if Paris Hilton can get work despite having no known employable skills, every job-hunter can, too);

  • Employ little-known search engine optimization tricks used by top headhunters (who have to make placements or starve);

  • Leverage LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other social networking sites, to take advantage of “the secret lives of top recruiters”;

  • Build a LinkedIn profile that gets found and read, and makes your phone ring with offers to interview;

  • Show you how to “start work before you’re hired”, prove your abilities and demonstrate your skills right in the interview; and

  • Negotiate your best offer ever! And

  • Position yourself up for the next job…

The Bottom Line with the Guerrilla Intensive Boot Camp:

The Guerrilla Intensive, will help you pick your dream job – the one that best utilizes your passions and uses your most valuable skills – the very ones you enjoy using most.

With our guidance, you will then create and follow a detailed program  that lets you find, interview for and get that job!

Let me give you an overview of the schedule … Week 1 and Week 2 are focused on preparation to help you clearly define the job you seek and your ideal employer.

The tasks are spaced out over 5 days, Monday through Friday. If you need extra time, use Saturday or even Sunday, if needed. All that matters is that you DO NOT fall behind.

You actually start to launch your fully optimized campaign and speak to employers at the end of Week 2 so move quickly and don’t fall behind.

EVERYTHING YOU DO IN THESE FIRST 2 WEEKS WILL BE USED TO LAUNCH YOUR SEARCH. FAILURE TO COMPLETE EVEN ONE EXERCISE WILL SEVERELY HANDICAP YOUR SEARCH {Actually the reason we discourage most people from the Guerrilla Intensive is that the technology will pickup on the fact that you’re not following the program,  let us know and freeze your account until you call David Perry and explain why.}

Then beginning in Week 3 and continuing to the end of Week 4 – if you actually need to go that far – most don’t – the program will lead you step-by-step from where you are to where you want to be – working at your dream job!

The Bottom-line

If you graduated from high school, use English reasonably well and can follow simple instructions, you can get the job you really want, if you follow this program. – but and it’s a big but… you actually have to do the work.

If you think you can handle it then apply here.



  1. You’re uncomfortable talking to real people and you’d prefer to surf job boards – don’t apply. We can’t help you.
  2. You’re not ready to treat your job search like it’s a full-time job – don’t apply. You’ll just get discouraged, quit and stain our reputation!
  3. You can’t work your job search full-time Monday to Friday or some other combination of 40 hours a week – don’t apply. You won’t be able to keep up the pace.
  4. You’re just ‘looking for any job’ and not a job that excites you more each day – don’t applyThose people are suckers!
  5. You actually believe the average job hunter finds a job through networking – don’t apply. You’re gullible and probably still believe in Santa Clause, and the Tooth-fairy. No one can help you.