What Do You Get When You Cross America’s Top Headhunters With The Father of Guerrilla Marketing?

   Interviews with the top companies you want to work at.   

Our technology handles all the busy work in the background – allowing you to focus on what’s important to your job search

David Anita presenting

Amazon, eBay and Facebook use some pretty sophisticated technology to sell you all kinds of stuff…

With MNJH you can use the same tools, tactics, and strategies to jump to the  front of the hiring line, get interviews, talk to employers, follow-up automagically, and land offers.

This is unlike anything job hunters have ever seen before.  It tilts the job hunting process in your favor.  Users have better tools at their disposal than even the largest employers.

MNJH is a ‘sales engagement platform’ for job hunters and it’s super simple to use.  It has all the functionality of the the top sales and content management systems companies use when prospecting for new clients.

But more than this, MNJH helps get you employment ready.  Shows you how to select and monetize your top marketable skills. How to penetrate and dominate the ‘hidden job market’. You will have unprecedented influence over the job search process.

Like other businesses across North America we’re committed to doing what we can to lessen the financial burden being felt/experienced by workers affected by COVID-19 and have discounted our 10 WEEK ULTIMATE Job Search Boot Camp.  Our thoughts are with all whose lives have been, and will be affected, by this virus. Please keep yourselves and your families safe.

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Ten week, menu driven program for anyone who wants to get back to work quickly but needs extra time.

$797 USD

$197 USD


Four week program. Best for extroverts or those who MUST get back to work ASAP.


$997 USD


Best for people who have the luxury of finding their absolutely perfect dream job while working full time.


$1197 USD