Key to Interview Success: Self Confidence

Key to Interview Success For That Dream Job

Searching for employment is one of the stressful times in anyone’s life.  The process of preparing a resume, finding the perfect job, and completing an interview may send even the soundest individual into a panic attack.  Whereas a resume presents your abilities and experiences on paper, an interview represents you in the first person.  The pressure to present yourself in the best light possible in a short, controlled environment is exceptional, so it is key to keep an air of self confidence during this time.  Although there is a fine line between self confidence and arrogance, a prospective employee that enters an interview poised and put together already has an edge on the competition.

Dressing for success is not just a time worn cliché.  Individuals who show up to an interview in a thoughtful, put-together outfit will best convey the immediate sense of self confidence.  When choosing an interview outfit, carefully consider both the employer and the job opportunity.  Match your clothing to the mood of the office is a must.  If you are interviewing for a position in a conservative law firm, consider conservative attire.  However, if you are interviewing at an up-start internet company, you may want to rethink conservative attire.  Regardless of the individual items you choose to wear, ensuring they are clean, smartly pressed, and well tailored will make all the difference. 

In addition to your dress, you should ensure your personal appearance reflects that of a potential employee.  For those individuals with physical forms of self-expression, i.e. piercings, tattoos, or extreme dyed hair, you may find interviewers have difficulty getting past your initial appearance.  Before you begin the interview process, take time to review the company’s specific rules regarding appearance.  Ensuring your presence is neat will lend to your air of self confidence and appeal to your prospective employer.  Take time to evaluate your appearance.  Do you need a haircut?  Are your nails neatly trimmed and clean?  Make all necessary appointments a day or two before your interview.

Of course a potential employer is not just looking for an individual with a put-together outfit and a clean, neatly appearance.  Employers are looking for individuals who have the capacity to successfully complete the job at hand.  Whatever the job, affiliate yourself with the requirements necessary to fulfill the task.  You will soon find that when you are confident in the task, you will exude self confidence and positively influence the interview.  Create a list of potential questions an employer may ask in an interview setting.  These questions can relate to your educational background, previous work experience, or your capability to handle the specific job.  Once you have created this list, prepare your responses to these questions.  Ask a friend or family member to pose as a mock interviewer in order to better prepare you for the actual interview.

Your actions during the interview can also affect the overall outcome.  Individuals who possess a great deal of self confidence walk with their head held high, make eye contact, and have firm handshakes.  Self confident individuals do not fidget, pull on their clothing, or make movements with their feet.  Furthermore, you should take care to speak of your positive attributes and not focus on your negatives or weaknesses.  Be careful not to brag or boast about your current position, educational background, social status, or work experiences.  Again, there is a fine line between self confidence and arrogance, and few employers wish to add an arrogant individual to a team of employees.  Instead, focus on how your positive aspects can best benefit the job, team, and company.  However you choose to tackle your job interview, remember to bring your best attitude and self confidence.

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