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Welcome to MyNewJobHunt the cloud version of the 10 Week Guerrilla Job Search Boot Camp!

Hi again.  I think you’ll be very interested in what’s happened since you graduated from the Guerrilla Boot Camp.

As you may know, I’ve continued offering boot camps across North America on and off since 2008.  Kevin, Mark, Anita and I offered it when we had the time.  To date, more than 200 people have graduated the original instructor lead course {actually 212 of 214 graduated}.

Immediately after writing Hiring Greatness and Executive Recruiting for Dummies in 2016 the team began to work almost full time on moving the boot camp to the cloud to reduce the cost.  This will make it possible for more people to benefit from the guerrilla program.  {Dave Watson worked full time for 18 months after leaving Cisco. Wait until you see the platform he built from scratch.) 

The ‘cloud’ version of your instructor led version with some serious innovations, content upgrades and technology firsts, all designed to make the job search easier, faster and fun.  Yes I said fun.  If you ever need to use MyNewJobHunt yourself you’ll discover why.

Land Faster: Average 19 Days to a New Job

Thanks in large part to boot campers like you, we’ve discovered how to fast track success quite dramatically.   We started by front-end loading those tactics which accelerate interviews with hiring managers on a boot camper’s Top-10 List of Employers.  We are always on top of the latest job market trends – if not out front leading.  We’ve more than kept pace with the changes in how employers and recruiters work. has three systems that work together to make your job search as smooth and as effortless as possible:

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In brief, the Contact Relationship Management (CRM) System called the Job Search Dashboard (JSD) helps you keep track of your contacts, leads and interviews. {Think only for job hunters};
The JSD organizes information like; interviews, calls, correspondence, and next steps in the job search process. It helps you: streamline your job hunt, stay connected, and generally improve your productivity.
BOTTOM LINE: you get more done with less effort, land a great job, enjoy the journey and not have to sweat the details.

The Content Management System (CMS) – The JSD is integrated into our proprietary to deliver all my Guerrilla Job Search Content, including stuff that will be new to you.  For example, I’ve presented talks to all types of groups from new grads to executives, from professionals to blue collar workers and all that video footage and advice is available for you to watch when you need it.

The Education Information Management System (EIMS) called the Boot Camp Tracker (BCT) monitors and manages your progress and is integrated with the JSD.  Remember when you were using the excel spreadsheet version how much time it took to record your activities?  Well now the BCT manages your progress.  It shows where you are and displays what’s coming up.

AND then there’s George….  George is our ‘bot’ that will ‘gently’ nag you when you forget something. George is not meant to replace your job search buddy but George never needs reminding.

Now for the Really Cool ‘Pay-It-Forward’ Stuff

As a graduate of the course, you are now entitled to two major benefits:

  1. You get to use for free for the rest of your life, (no explanation needed I think)
  2. You can invite up to 10 people you know to use it.  They get a $50 discount and you get $50 from us. Once inside, look for the menu item “Referrals” on the top menu bar to refer colleagues/friends/family members to use the MyNewJobHunt Job Search Accelerator.  The person you refer will be sent a personalized link to use to sign up that includes the $50 price reduction.  You get paid at the end of the month so long as their payment clears.  

Well… that’s pretty much it for now. 

I hope you personally never need to use to find a new job, but if you do it’ll be ready.  Hopefully the people you refer will find a new job quickly and then refer their friends (see the system is self-perpetuating) and we all experience a world with full employment.

Every book I write, every speech I give, every challenge I solve helps – I do so with gratitude for the life I’ve been handed.   

For immediate access refer back to your original email message that invited you to join as an alumni. That email has a special embedded  code just for you.

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PS. My simple math below shows the average job search can take less than 4 weeks (not 38) when you treat looking for a job as your full-time job because you know exactly what to do.

48 minutes x 5 days/week = 240 minutes/week x 38-week average job search = 9120 minutes ÷ 60 minutes/hour = 152 hours divided by 40-hour/week = 3.8 weeks
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