Have You Applied for a Job Lately?

And how’d that work out for you?

Be honest:
1. How many job postings have you applied to this week?
2. How many job boards have you scoured this month?
3. How many résumé rewrites, re-rewrites, and oh-to-hell-with-its have you endured since your job hunt began?

There’s a Reason it’s Hard to Find a Good Job

In fact, there are 1.1 million reasons.

That’s because the average job board generates a yearly revenue of $1.1 million, according to a 2020 study by Staffing Industry Analysts.

That’s right.

Job boards are incentivized to keep job hunters, like you, searching for work and strapped for cash. The longer you look for employment, the longer you’re on their site—which generates more ad revenue for them.

So when you’re scrolling through these job boards, you’re actually boosting their bottom line, over and over again. I mean, why should they empower you to find work? Your unemployment makes them money – $22 billion dollars*.

And job boards aren’t the only guilty party here, either.


Foxes in the Henhouse

The Hidden Agenda Behind the Career Coaching Industry

Professional consultants, life coaches, and career counselors often operate in the land of half-truths and plausible deniability.

These hot-air advisors routinely employ sleight of hand tactics to keep you in the dark about the way the job market really works.


Because you’re easy pickins to them. That’s why.

But it doesn’t have to stay this way.

Keeping You Down-and-Out is Big Business

Make no mistake: job boards and life coaches profit from your unemployment.

I once spoke with a celebrated, widely-respected professional development coach, who admitted to me:

“David, I earned $400,000 last year teaching my clients job-searching skills. Why would I ever want my unemployed students to actually find work?”


Sleazy, right? Needless to say, I nearly lost my lunch.

But I cite him here to illustrate the obvious: job boards and career coaches are incentivized to keep you out of work. And the unemployment economy is thriving because of it.

That’s Where We Come in

Our Guerrilla Job Hunt business model is based on three foundational tenets: Results, Referrals, and Testimonials.

We’ve already laid the Guerrilla groundwork to get you back on your feet—equipping you with the expert strategies, essential tactics, and effective action steps to capture employers’ attentions while securing the salary and job title you deserve.

MyNewJobHunt - Hidden Job Market

The Job Market: One Titanic Metaphor

Surveying the Landscape

What you don’t see will sink your job hunt.

Navigating today’s job market poses a perfect storm of dark obstacles: being swept out into open ocean alone, drowning in useless advice and information, and doing your damnedest to avoiding the opportunistic predators, like job boards and career counselors.

RIP to the “Old School” Rules

Rigid devotion to outdated job theories will hamper progress.

Tailor your search tactics to align with today’s industry trends and secure the career you want. We’ve entered a new era of digital-first job hunting, empowering today’s tech-savvy interviewees, while condemning the closed-minded candidates amongst us.

So, save the nostalgia for Kodak moments with the family. You’ve got a job to lock down.

Fear the Fatal Funnel

How family, friends, and former coworkers unknowingly sabotage your job search.

The three biggest F-words in job hunting are: family, friends, and former coworkers.

mynewjobhunt fatal funnel

Fear the Fatal Funnel

Family Issues

F-word number 1:

Well-intentioned as they are, our loved ones often lead us astray.

Familiar Phrases:

“Hey, you’re in advertising. I have a friend in marketing. That’s close enough to your field, right sweetie?”


  • Heavily invested in your success


  • Rarely has relevant industry contacts

  • Urges you to take the first, marginally-related position offered

  • Prioritizes job security over job satisfaction

  • Emotional baggage and undue pressure to accept bad jobs

Verdict: Unhelpful.

Great Friends. Useless Advice.

F-word number two.

A friend has your back—but your friend’s friend? Not so much.

Familiar Phrases:

“I can help! You’re in corporate finance, right? My friend’s a bank teller. I’ll tell him to call you.”


  • Shared interests

  • Similar ages


  • Protracted time frames because of group communications

  • Your friends hold no sway with their friend’s hiring manager

  • Friends of a friend are unlikely to go to bat for you

  • No one involved is able to personally vouch for your skill set

  • You’re only connected by the middle man, your friend

Verdict: Unlikely.

Awkward Chats with Former Co-workers

F-word number three.

Cringe level 100: Emailing ex-colleagues to ask for help.

Familiar Phrases:

“Hey! Sorry, your email got caught in my spam folder.

So you’re on the job hunt, huh? Well, ping my friend John Smith on LinkedIn. He and I haven’t spoken since Thanksgiving, but maybe he knows something. Good luck, bud!”


  • Supplies an actual industry contact


  • Passive support, vague connections

  • Cold contact, no introductions made on your behalf

  • Heavily reliant on happenstance and serendipitous timing

  • Hamstrings you from the start; no bargaining power later on

  • Feels like they’re helping you out of pity

Verdict: Unreliable.

The Power of PROJECT X

Your tactical, tier-one approach to systematizing job searches.

Discover Project X, the driving force behind our dominant success rate. This proprietary software equips end users with the data-driven insights they need to thrive in today’s job market.

MNJH NEW Programs  Page 1

The Project X Aggregator Dashboard

Your Set-it-and-Forget-it Software

Streamlining your job search starts here.

Simplify, summarize, and standardize your process with Project X’s next-gen analytics. This equips end users with topdown employment insights, while calling attention to their daily, mission-critical task list.

My new job hunt application

A Dynamic, Multi-layered Platform

Empowering our Enterprising Job Hunters

Manage relationships, monitor responses, and maximize search results.

Project X’s intelligent design and integrated functionality provides today’s job seekers with seamless, hyperconnected user experiences, as well as 360° visibility  into their real-time performance metrics.

Campaign Preparation

MyNewJobHunt Course Overview Job search course description

Online Attractiveness

MyNewJobHunt Course Overview Job search course description

Previewing the Program

An inside look at our industry-leading tactics.

Want to test drive the program for free? Absolutely.

Simply download a guide, digest its material, deliberate on its merit, and then determine for yourself whether our best-in-class courses meet your particular needs and preferences.

And, in addition to the free Campaign Preparation and Online Attractiveness training sessions, our full course offers:

Week 3: Extreme Networking
Week 4: Interviews & Warm Calling
Week 5: Foundational Principles
Week 6: Operational Readiness
Week 7: Pushing the Advantage
Week 8: Commanding the Room
Week 9: Leave Them Wanting More
Week 10: Securing the Deal


Meet the Rogue Recruiter

After 30 years creating, coordinating, and cultivating powerful connections across a variety of high-impact industries, David Perry is today’s foremost authority on advanced job hunting methodology for high-caliber candidates

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The Rogue Recruiter Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal

$395M+ in salaries negotiated

30,000 – LinkedIn connections

        1,400 – recruitment mandates met

                 33 – years building Perry-Martel Int.

5 – continents finalized deals on

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