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david Perry

Hello, my name is David Perry.

I’m the author of Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters, course content creator for & MyNewJobHunt .com and managing partner of Perry-Martel International.

Headhunting has been good to me and to my family.  I have a great life.  Know lots of interesting people and get to spend time on side projects that are of interest to me personally.  

I wouldn’t be here if not for the kindness and generosity of my extended American family is one of my projects were I’m giving back with the help of my partners who’ve put a lot of sweat in to this project.

When we started re-building  the Guerrilla Job Search Boot Camp Program as following the death of my technical lead and best friend Kevin Watson, Kevin’s brother Dave decided to step back and assess why the job market was so badly broken and how we could help fix some of the bigger issues.

Dave, Anita, and I envisioned a better way for people to find the work they loved and create a better life for themselves and their families.  We also wanted to create a better way for professional recruiters/headhunters to help job hunters if they did not immediately have a suitable opportunity for them.  

We wanted to untie a global network of recruiters interested in becoming the go-to gurus in their niches.  Professional recruiters interested in building their business with out the extra burden of becoming unpaid career counselors, resume writers or social workers.  

We think we have a solution finally. pays you, as a recruiter, to help job hunters AND it takes less than 3 minutes. 

BOTTOM LINE:  rather than alienate a future candidate or burn your billable hours with no guaranteed return, send them to

As A Recruiter Partner, you refer them to MyNewJobHunt.  They do a boot camp, get a job and you’re their ‘hero’.  It’s effortless.  Best of all, you helped them out when other recruiters wouldn’t even talk to them.  It took none of your time and you made money.  You thing they’ll remember you fondly when they land and start hiring for their team? Yes.

Our boot camps are unlike anything on the market. 

They’ve proven to work reliably in any market and under the toughest conditions.  Just go read some of the real testimonials here on the site or any of my Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters books or Executive Recruiting for Dummies or Hiring Greatness...

You get the best of all worlds, ‘good guy/gal status’ and cash.  When you give them a discount code for $50 off the cost of any job search boot camp you receive $50 when they have registered.  

I would like you to consider joining us and becoming a Recruiter Affiliate Partner to help Put America Back to Work.

So, fill out the form to the right, become a savvy guerrilla marketer… make money and build your brand in your sleep… and get back on the phone.  Find new clients that can pay you what your worth .  We’ll teach job hunters what they should have been taught in school…

The future is in your hands,

David Perry

Journalists Love Recruiters Who Give Back.

When you start helping people out the press will come knocking at your door.  Helping people who need it will never be easier.  It’s good for your recruiting business and a great example for others to follow.

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