Hi, you’ve been redirected to this page because you have been invited to become a MyNewJobHunt Recruiter Partner and Influencer.

As an Influencer at MyNewJobHunt, you will have access to all the tools you need to help your colleagues, friends and family be successful using the MyNewJobHunt Career Management Platform.

As a Recruiter Partner, every candidate you refer to the program saves $50 and you make $50 – regardless of which program they select.

You must Click Register in order to complete your MyNewJobHunt Influencer Registration.   Clicking “Register” will take you to the page that captures all the details needed for the system to create your account.  (See the image to the right.)

You will need your credit card to Register. handy  Your credit card will be charged $50 USD – which you will get back when your first referral registers.  And of course you get $50 every time there after when someone you refer joins a boot camp.  the only limitation to how much revenue you can make off the Boot Camp is how many people you point to the program.

Recruiter Partner Registration Page

The Influencer Registration Page