There are a lot of things you can do in 10 minutes, but not many will help you create goodwill and a recurring revenue stream. Get paid now for helping every job hunter. People will thank you and remember you.

#1.  Do I have to buy anything?

No.  Just refer those people you can’t immediately help.  They will appreciate you took time to point them in the right direction.  You make a little money now and you strengthen your business without the added burden of becoming an unpaid career counselor, resume writer or social worker.

#2.  Do I have to stock anything?

No.  All orders are fulfilled electronically.

#3. Is there a cost to become a Recruiter Partner?

Yes.  Because we only want serious Recruiters.  Participation will be limited.  We are looking for those recruiters who want to build their business.  Recruiters who understand the value in helping candidates now, during COVID, so they can build a better relationship in time for the recovery.  We do not want people working with us who will SPAM job hunters to pick up a few bucks. We close the doors on this opportunity as soon as we reach critical mass.

When you apply, I’ll call you personally so I can best understand and how you in tend to promote the system.  If approved you’ll get a link to complete the sign up process. If you like I’ll give you marketing material as well you can use with your list of job hunters or people who come to your site.

The final step is charging your credit card $50 which we understand is just enough to dissuade “tire kickers”. We will issue you a $50 cheque following your first referral AND for every referral there after.  The program works exceptionally well for high volume contingency agencies as well as boutique retained firms.

#4. How are referral commissions structured?

Approved Recruiter Partners become affiliates as is the custom with all online marketing.  Affiliates are paid $50 for each referral who signs up as well as a $5/per year, per person recurring revenue stream. The people you sell it to, are given a $50 discount off the base price of the course.  Payments are made once a month electronically,  when monthly earnings exceed $1000 then payment will be made within 48 hours.

#5. What payment terms are available to people who purchase the course?

People who take the course can use several types of credit or debit cards on our secure site.  Our payment system uses Stripe to process transactions.  The cost of the course depends of course on which version of the Boot Camp they enroll in.

#6. How are affiliate commissions paid out once a course is purchased?

On the first Monday of each month, commissions are calculated and sent to affiliates electronically. You make money when we make money: you earn $50 of the initial price paid no mater which course they select EVEN when we put the courses on sale.

#7. Are there any money-back guarantees for the course?

No there are no money-back guarantees.  Money-back guarantees are for people that aren’t certain or won’t commit.  We are only interested in people who will commit to the program and have skin in the game.  The original Guerrilla Job Search Boot Campers were paying $4999 USD for this course just a year ago.

#8. What is the process to become an affiliate?

After you have looked over the site, and if you decide you would like to become a recruiter partner affiliate, fill out the signup form.  We will validate you by hand and issue you your own personal discount link to give to people.  When people use your link they will automatically receive a $50 discount and you will get $50 put directly in your account.


#9. How can the affiliate be guaranteed that when a buyer reads about it through my efforts, that I will in fact get credit for the sale? Has this been thoroughly tested?

Once approved, you will be issued your own personal discount code As long as the buyer uses the discount link you gave them then you get paid.  And why wouldn’t they use your discount link? They can not get a discount any other way.  If the url is cleared on the computer then they will just re-enter your discount url link.

#10. What happens if a prospective clicks on my URL but then decides to bookmark the page and comes back a week, a month or two months later and decides to buy the program ? How can I be assured that I will get credit for that sale since I am the one who initiated the lead in the first place?

The $50 discount can only be had by using a discount link.  Only approved Recruiter Partners have discount link.  Your discount link is unique to you.

#11. How do I market the Home Study Course?

After signing up for the course you will be provided some sample marketing letters that you may want to use as a tool for selling the course. (Actually I’ll give you the online letter Kevin and I used to sell $283,000 in Boot Camps our first year running the Guerrilla J0b Search Boot Camps.) We have an expert copy writer on  staff so we will provide samples once you are an affiliate. Most affiliates are doing a mix of things: sending emails out to candidates in their data base, reconnecting with job hunters they’ve already met, advertising in their newsletters and on their website, blogging, creating LinkedIn or Gmail groups, doing a news release, word of mouth, etc.

#12. How much money can I earn?

We make no promises on earning potential, other than to say it is unlimited. You may earn $99, $132,000 or nothing. It all depends on how much effort you put into marketing the course. You don’t need a web site or an email list… LinkedIn will do in their place.

If you have any questions CONTACT me once you become a member contact me.

If you get stuck or have further questions, please email David, after all I designed the course and wrote all the Guerrilla Marketing  for Job Hunters books.

Remember please, participation will be limited because we want to maximize the potential for affiliates who sign on early with us! We will then close the doors on this opportunity.

Best regards,

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