There are a lot of things you can do in 10 minutes, only ONE will help you create a recurring revenue stream for life AND goodwill with people you can’t place immediately.

Are you ready to better serve your customers and become the recruiter of choice, while turning loyalty and experience into profits?If you answered YES then you should read this screen to understand how you can effortlessly earn more and be a Rock Star to the candidates you cannot place.

As a recruiter, have you ever finished a project and had well qualified  candidates who weren’t selected but want a career change? Most recruiters ‘file’ those resumes for use later … and go on to the next project.

Wouldn’t you rather get paid for the hours and hours of sourcing and prep time you’ve already invested in each of the unsuccessful candidates.    Sure they’re grateful … but wouldn’t it be great to make money on everyone you recruit even if you don’t place them right away?

This program is ONLY for third party recruiters.  You must apply to be considered and sent further details.

Introducing MyNewJobHunt’s Affiliate Advantage Program

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