There are a lot of things you can do in under a minute to help foster goodwill with candidates but this is the only one that creates a recurring revenue stream.

My name is David Perry, I am a professional headhunter and  recognized Big Biller.  I often finish a search and have one or two well qualified individuals who my client didn’t select.  Inevitably I’d deliver the bad news to the unsuccessful candidates, promise to keep them in mind for other searches, perhaps make a MPC calls (time  permitting), and then move on to the next project. It goes with the job – many are called but only one is selected.  A very inefficient system!

When I wrote the first edition of Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunterswith Jay Conrad Levinson, I became hyper-aware of just how broken the job market is for job hunters.  Delivering a keynote-speech in Detroit to a disheartened audience, I propositioned the crowd.   If 7 volunteers each gave me $49 I guaranteed to work with them personally, until they landed a new job.

I admit it was pretty ballsy move at the time.  I didn’t know any of these people.  Detroit had an unemployment rate of 38%.  And $49 was a lot of money for many of these people.  I got the 7 volunteers – more than 7 in fact but I only took the first 7.  I flew home the next day in a panic realizing that I’d made a public deceleration that my job search ideas would absolutely work under any circumstances.  My partner thought I’d was nuts.

Less than a week later I had created the first few weeks of the new 10 Week Guerrilla Job Search Boot Camp.  Fortunately they all graduated from the boot camp with new jobs.  The rest as they say is history. Or was it?

That night on stage in Detroit in 20099 was the genesis for the MyNewJobHunt platform.  In the intervening decade I’ve run dozens of Virtual Boot Camps.   We gradually increased the cost to $4999 USD and I created two less costly DIY spinoffs.  Amazingly, the boot camps had amazing success with job hunters all over the world.  Making it available to more people is why we create the web based version.

Today, houses the most successful and up-to-date job search program in the world.  But it’s not just the content.  The platform is essentially meets eHarmony – for job hunters.

Essentially, we’ve built a one-stop, set-it-and-forget-it platform for job hunters to manage their job hunt and advance their careers.  As a professional recruiter you could decide to do the same thing.  You could drop a few hundred thousand dollars of your own money.  You could write a best-selling series of books.  You could even create your own job board.  Or you could simply get paid to give candidates a huge discount on our program and be a hero.

Who is MyNewJobHunt Designed For?

  1. Recruiters who have an abundance of candidates they can’t place at the moment but with whom he’d like to remain top of mind;
  2. Recruiters who have the wrong candidates contact them but are outside your niche;
  3. New grads entering the workforce;
  4. Veterans who want to integrate into a civilian workforce; and
  5. New immigrants.

As a professional recruiter you can now help every job hunter who ever contacts no matter their background.  All you do is point them to and give them your Unique Discount Code.   This Win-Win-Win solution helps everyone.  In addition to the candidate’s enduring gratitude, you make a little extra money and you’ll also be preparing them to interview better for the next time you send them out.

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