Feedback from real people who’ve already landed great jobs using the tools, tactics and strategies in MyNewJobHunt

“…I would recommend this methodology to finding work in a heartbeat!”

So I can tell you that I would recommend this methodology to finding work in a heartbeat. As far as I’m concerned job hunting is the worst! I made myself a promise that once I started this process I would follow it word for word without question. Why? Because I had been applying to jobs for 2 months with absolutely no success. I couldn’t understand why no one was contacting me for an interview. And the problem with that is that it plays with your psyche. You start doubting your skill set, you start wondering if you need to lower your expectations. You talk to your loved ones who agree and start telling you not to get your hopes up. Not because they don’t believe you can do it, but because they genuinely care about you and just don’t want to see you hurt. So you start thinking that maybe your 13 years of digital experience are leading you to an entry level position.

There were things in this course I did not like doing that I doubted and that made me uncomfortable. But, l knew that unless I switched up my strategy, I was never going to find my dream job. And so I swallowed my pride and my pre-conceived beliefs and I went out on my skinny branch. Possibly the most uncomfortable few weeks of my life. But the more I did it, the more my confidence grew. And then it happened…. In one week I had 3 job offers. While there were many steps in between, the end result is that I ended up finding my dream job, in my dream organization. So do I believe that getting uncomfortable for a little while is worth it? ABSOLUTELY! But trust in the process. Don’t jump ahead. Don’t skip steps. Don’t think you know everything. Remember that you are doing this course because what you are doing today isn’t working. So trust in the process, even if it kills you. The result is so worth it.

Kate Voltan , Ottawa Ontario