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Unconventional Help for College Grads in Dismal Job Market:Free Job Search Training Video

Ottawa, Ontario – According to Stats Canada youth unemployment rate jumped to 27.2 per cent in April, from 16.8 per cent in March, and the unemployment rate among college graduates is even hire. Overall, almost two million people lost their jobs last month. The Canadian Association of Carer Educators and Employers noted that, “The realities for both employers and students have shifted dramatically. And, the roles that organizations had originally intended to create may not be possible in this new set of circumstances.”

All of which spells trouble for graduating college seniors, about to enter the toughest job market in 100 years.

“Even highly qualified grads will have to work harder this year to land their first job after graduation,” says David E. Perry, co-author of Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0 (Wiley; June 2011).

“To get noticed by employers in today’s dismal economy, in which the average job search takes nearly 10 months, job seekers need to use unconventional, low-cost tactics that are proven to work,” says Perry.

“When it comes to finding your first job, know this: Only about 5-10% of jobs are advertised online, in the newspaper, or at a job fair. Yet, this small number of jobs is being chased by about 80-90% of college grads, who have never been taught differently,” says Perry.

“To stand out amid today’s cut-throat competition, you must be among the 20% of smart job seekers who go after the 90% of jobs that are never advertised, most of which are at businesses with fewer than 500 employees. Contrary to popular belief, there are jobs and there is hope for college grads — they just need to know where to look,” advises Perry.

To address this, Perry is making available a free job search training video delivered to college grads with Guerrilla Job Search tips that work in economic boom times and in recessions, for recent college graduates.

Viewers will learn proven, unconventional ways to find a first job after graduation, including:

– Why the “hidden job market” has gone even further underground because of COVID-19 … and how every graduating college senior can benefit.

– How to create a “board of directors” and find a job faster with the same method used by every Fortune 500 company.

– Why traditional networking is a total waste of time — and what to do instead.

– How to humanize the job market and get noticed by employers … while most job seekers are still waiting for jobs to appear on Indeed, LinkedIn, or ZipRecruiter.

The training is available on line at no charge at this web site:

David Perry is managing director of executive search firm Perry-Martel International and the author of Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0, Executive Recruiting for Dummies and 5 other books on job search and recruiting.


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