MYNEWJOBHUNT NEWS builds upon the ‘Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters’ series of best-selling books

David Perry’s books, videos, podcasts, lectures  and Guerrilla Job Search Boot Camps have received consistent exposure and positive reviews in the press since launching in 2005. 

Below are a few of the articles online that you can read right now. You might as well start with this controversial FORTUNE Magazine cover story.

How to get a job: It’s Brutal Out There – Fortune MagazineHow to Find a Job

The people getting hired aren’t necessarily the most connected – they’re the most creative.

Outside the box: Need work? Skip the old methods and go guerrilla – New York Post

To the jaded hacks at @work, it often seems there are as many job-search experts as actual people looking for jobs. While some of their counsel is terrific, it’s rare to find an expert whose advice is novel and tangible. So much career counseling tends to be one or the other or neither.  But Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 2.0 manages both.

Standing out in the Job Hunt – The Wall Street Journal

With so many layoffs, the job market is becoming increasingly competitive.

It’s all about who you know and who they know – Washington Post

In job hunting, networking is the name of the game.

When the jobs are hidden –

To get a job, you have to find the openings that no one’s advertising, and really impress your potential employer.

The Two Job Sites Every Job Seeker Needs to Join – CIO

You probably know about one of these websites, but you may not know about the other. Neither is a job board.

5 Ways To Beat a Tough Job Market –

Ok so you just got laid off.  Here’s the good news.

Learn how to jump-start your career – London Evening Standard

He had read every book he could find about changing career, saved his money and finally drawn up a list of things he wanted to do.

Give Your Resume Sex Appeal – CIO

Flamenco dancers are sexy. So are languid summer nights and first dates with a new crush. But resumes? Not so much. If you want your resume to get you to first base with a potential employer, it has to push the all the right buttons.

Job Hunt Makeover.  How Far Should you go? – ABC News

Some Job Seekers Get Surgery to Look Younger, But Is a Skills Makeover That’s Really in Order?

How to Make Your Job Outsource-Proof – Forbes

In today’s global economy, when jobs can vanish down a fiber-optic cable to India before breakfast tomorrow, it’s not how strong or smart you are that matters. It’s how adaptable you are to change.

More News Articles Featuring Guerrilla Job Search and David Perry

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